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EURO-FARM on the 4th Macedonian Congress of ORL

The wholesaler EURO-FARM successfully represented itself on the 4th Macedonian Otorhinolaryngology Congress, held from 1st to 4th June in Ohrid, with 50 eminent professors, scientists and clinicians and 250 health workers from this country, Europe and USA taking place. Presenting the novelties in the modern otorhinolaryngology, the symposium “Power of nature in service of health”, […]

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COLLAGEN SM, synergy in service of health and nature

The power of nature joint in service of health and beauty comes to be a high quality and efficient product with unique formula which, thanks to the wholesaler EURO-FARM, is recently present on the Macedonian market. The healthy lifestyle, balanced food and regular physical activity is what keeps the natural balance in the organism, soothing […]

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AQUA MASSAGE: Unique massage with water jets, no drop on you

The revolutionary therapeutic power of water in service of health The Aqua massage is a fast, modern and urban massage for active people who are in a constant rush, who have loads of daily obligations and who fight tension and anxiety. Just by making room for a few minutes pleasure and relaxing, they would reduce […]