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In times when success is measured according to the dedication towards affirmation of the positive socially responsible practices, as opposed to the economic profit and the dominant position on the market, the wholesaler EURO-FARM daily works on promoting positive social activities, establishing the care for the society amongst the primal values of the company. As one of the relevant actors on the Macedonian business scene, EURO-FARM carries the responsibility and duty to participate in the founding of the standards for a continual and consistent social development which is of immense interest for the community and the generations that are to come.

Recognizing the needs of the community, on one hand the wholesaler is focused on discovering, encouraging and supporting the professional and personal capacities and skills of its employees through improving the working conditions, as well as the innovative, pragmatic and ethical managing and continual education, and on the other hand, it is devoted on the needs and requirements of the clients and collaborators, ensuring high quality products and services according to the most modern and strict standards. The cooperation with the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia on diverse actions and activities emphasizes EURO-FARMS’ humanity dimension, furthermore follow the numerous projects with the public health institutions, as well as many campaigns with different non-governmental organizations that strive for prevention and creation of healthy life habits. As a loyal friend of the culture and sport, the wholesaler EURO-FARM is a long-lasting sponsor, auspice and partner of many sport events and manifestations.

The care for the society continues upgrading by the everyday work under the motto We are here to take care of your health“.

EURO-FARM, “Go Pink 2017” campaign support

Under the motto “Go Pink – Steps Against Breast Cancer”, the wholesaler EURO-FARM stepped out on the ninth traditional Pink Walk that was held on October, 1st on “Macedonia” Square in Skopje, at the beginning of the month for the fight against breast cancer in honour of all the women who have faced this illness.

The Pink Walk is a promotional event of the “Go Pink 2017” campaign, organized by the Association for fight against cancer “Borka- for each new day”, whose donator and partner is the pharmaceutical superbrand EURO-FARM that appeared this time as the event’s supporter.

The devastating data for 1 200 new cases of women suffering breast cancer, a percentage of four women daily during the last year in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as the increased mortality amongst these patients on 9% in the last year, were a reason enough for the wholesaler EURO-FARM get engaged in this campaign. Recognizing and enhancing the need of support for the people suffering breast cancer and their families, EURO-FARM expresses their dedication and readiness to help those in need, therefore raising the public awareness for their illness, as well as their struggle.

EURO-FARM sponsors Avicena Wowen’s Race 2017

EURO-FARM, as a trustworthy friend of sports, recreation and healthy life, for the first time this year is a partner and sponsor of Avicena Women’s race which was held on April, 9th in Skopje City Park.

During the whole event, the wholesaler EURO-FARM, through its informational and exhibition stall, informed and educated the present guests for the benefits of using ICE POWER, the original pain winner from Finland. The revolutionary palette of products with this brand’s signature is the professional sportsmen best friend, as well as to other recreational activists in 50 countries around the world, to fight the pain and inflammation in the muscles and joints.

EURO-FARM by supporting Avicena Women’s Race gets included in the trials for exposing the benefits by regular sporting and healthy life habits, as a challenge for creating quality life style for every woman.

EURO-FARM, Oliver and Gibonni in humanitarian mission in fight against cancer

The Balkan mega stars Gibonni and Oliver Dragojevic by signing their first featuring album “Family”, in a humanitarian company with their fans, circled the great campaign of the wholesaler EURO-FARM.

Through its well-known hit “Cinim pravu stvar” Gibonni expressed its gratitude about the successful campaign for helping and supporting the cancer patients in the Republic of Macedonia. Oliver Dragojevic added his sincere hope that the campaign shall be a challenge to raise the public awareness and perception of these patients.

In the campaign, that had been held since August last year in all EUROFARM pharmacies in the country, when buying a CD of the “Family”, one donates 100 denars in the Association for fight against cancer “Borka- for each new day” so as to support their mission in the fight against cancer.

The big humanitarian campaign will be finalized with an 8th of March surprise by EURO-FARM and “Family”.

EURO-FARM, Wizz Air Skopje Marathon 2017 partner

The thirteenth edition of the Wizz Air Skopje Marathon, the most massive sport event in this country with 8 500 contestants from 51 countries of all around the world, was held on May, 7th on the streets of Skopje, by support and partnership of the wholesaler EURO-FARM.

The long lasting and continual collaboration for development and promotion of sport with the Skopje Marathon, was finalized with the informational and exhibition stall by EURO-FARM, placed with the innovative palette of products for cold therapy whilst sport injuries and inflammations of the muscles and joints, ICE POWER.

The wholesaler EURO-FARM has been working devotedly and thoroughly for 15 years under the same motto “We are here to take care of your health”, adding the permanent care and helping tradition, support and investment in the community for building healthy life habits.

EURO-FARM marks 8th, March

The wholesaler EURO-FARM together with the Association for fight against cancer “Borka- for each new day”, marks the International Women’s Day, 8th of March, by visiting patients on the University clinic of radiotherapy and oncology.

With presents, positive thinking and honest wish for faster recovery, they have supported their personal fight since the fight against cancer is a common struggle of all.

EURO-FARM donations for Skopje floods

In times when facing undisputable losses of human lives and unforgettable damage caused by the severe floods that occurred in the capital city of Skopje, on August, 6th, the wholesaler EURO-FARM expresses condolences for the families of those who suffered this natural disaster.

Taken into consideration the willingness for this tragedy to be as short as possible, the company, with its own donations of medicine, diapers, children’s food, hygiene and disinfection products, through the Macedonian Red Cross and the Citizens’ initiative for help of the flooded, met the needs of the population in the flooded regions, upholding the wholesaler’s tradition and devotion for continual helping the community when necessary.

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