AQUA MASSAGE: Unique massage with water jets, no drop on you

The revolutionary therapeutic power of water in service of health

The Aqua massage is a fast, modern and urban massage for active people who are in a constant rush, who have loads of daily obligations and who fight tension and anxiety. Just by making room for a few minutes pleasure and relaxing, they would reduce all that stress.

Thanks to Aqua Massage International, the world leading innovator in hydrotherapy, aqua massage is the offspring of the advanced computer and engineer technologies combined to release Aqua Massage XL-250, a blessed machine that offers 20 000 people in 90 countries in the world to enjoy themselves, and, since recently it is also to be found in the Republic of Macedonia thanks to EURO-FARM.

15 minutes in Aqua Massage XL-250 exchange 45-minute classical massage, it segments the body to 12 equal zones which consist of 36 warm water jets variably acting, offering revolutionary therapeutic experience from toes to neck. No essential oils, no undressing and direct contact to strangers, but instead efficient and fast effects for acceptable price, meaning that this massage saves time and energy.

Aqua massage, without restrictions, is recommended for relaxation, stress and anxiety decrease, soothing pain and inflammations, improving circulation, removing body toxins, increasing immunity, ameliorating concentration and sleeping and overall returning enthusiasm and life energy.

The dream for the perfect massage became Macedonian reality in Aqua Massage, the first specialized saloon for aqua massage in this country, which awaits its costumers on “Rekord” in the centre of Skopje during the forthcoming holidays with numerous surprises for all those who seek for effective, but fast relaxing pleasure for the whole body.

Dumbfounded, I followed up with my professor to show my gratitude and she specifically mentioned that my class participation greatly helped balance my overall grade