EURO-FARM on the 4th Macedonian Congress of ORL

The wholesaler EURO-FARM successfully represented itself on the 4th Macedonian Otorhinolaryngology Congress, held from 1st to 4th June in Ohrid, with 50 eminent professors, scientists and clinicians and 250 health workers from this country, Europe and USA taking place.

Presenting the novelties in the modern otorhinolaryngology, the symposium “Power of nature in service of health”, enabled presentation of the modern trends, exchange of experiences and ideas in terms of the perspectives for improving the patients’ diagnostics and treatment related to otorhinolaryngology issues. Dr. Jane Netkovski, from the Clinic for ear, nose and throat, had his own presentation on the symposium where he stated his views over the advantages of immune system products by DR. WOLZ (Kinder Immun, Zell Oxygen Immunkomplex, Colostrum Immun), as well as the professional experience in curing respirational allergies with the help of bacteriologically the cleanest and minerally the richest water on the Mediterranean, transformed into isotonic and hypertonic ISOMAR products.

EURO-FARM concluded its participation on the congress with an educational and exhibition stall where the accredited products of ISOMAR and DR.WOLZ were presented.

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