M-r Spec. Tatjana Sterjeva
Email: tatjana@eurofarm.com.mk

e-mail: tatjana@eurofarm.com.mk

A founder, owner and general manager of the wholesaler EURO-FARM, Macedonian leader in wholesaling trade of pharmaceutical products in this country.
A graduated pharmacist and Master of Human Resource Management, whose knowledge, professional experience, dedication and vision have been directed towards the challenge of reaching the global pharmaceutical trends for 15 years.
A General Manager who through its working pays special attention to building a pleasant working climate, innovative, pragmatic and ethic management, permanent education and professional upgrading for the employees, following and implementing the highest quality standards, emphasizing the activities for help and support of the community.
A member of the Pharmaceutical Chamber of the Republic of Macedonia, the Macedonian Pharmaceutical Association and numerous professional and non-governmental organizations and associations in the field of pharmacy, management and social acting.

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