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The wholesaler EURO-FARM is a modern, innovative, recognizable, loyal, socially-responsible company of the pharmaceutical industry which, following its vision, developing strategy, professional values, unique brand policy, the clients’ needs, the collaborators’ requirements, the trade trends and the business climate, daily upgrades and masters as a reliable, revisioned and confirmed partner in the wholesale of pharmaceutical products in the Republic of Macedonia and the region.

Led by the endeavour to leave a trace in the Macedonian pharmaceutical market, the wholesaler dedicatedly engages in conducting innovative, profitable and sustainable practices as to enhance its position and business performances.

Its developing path started on December, 9th, 2000 in Skopje by turning into reality the dashing enthusiasm, the productive visionary, the embroidered goals, the dedication, patience and knowledge of Tatjana Sterjeva, Bachelor of Science and Master of Human Resource Management, and her team, as a sequel of the successful story that had begun two years earlier with the opening of the first of the chain of pharmacies under this brand’s name. The development of EURO-FARM was releasing steadily in accordance with the trends and fashions in the pharmaceutical industry, the clients’ needs and requirements, as well as the possibilities and plans of the company for a stable and lasting growth and advancement, adjusting therefore to the modern market challenges, to the contemporary organizational tendencies and to the expense oriented strategy. What’s more, the permanent commitment for evolving a stable market position and conquering new markets, followed by enhanced competitiveness, efficiency and effect of the company was a main challenge for conducting the several ISO standards for quality and professional managing.

Continually investing in modernization and advancement of its capacities, implementing new professional, security and quality standards, education for the professional staff as well as promoting and approaching to the world novelties and practices on the market in the country and the region, the wholesaler builds professional relations and partnerships with eminent international and domestic pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic brands. Annually pursuing the challenge on the Macedonian pharmaceutical market for placement of new and quality products, and advancing the existing production lines with the innovations of the eminent world manufacturers in the sector of drugs, food suppliers, diagnostic equipment, medical disposal, cosmetics and decorative cosmetics, the wholesaler EURO-FARM is an exclusive representative of 20 proven pharmaceutical brands, importer and distributer for Sanofi and Nobel Ilac products, and also a distributer and marketing representative for the well-known Swiss manufacturer Roche on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

According to the market’s needs, clients’ requirements and insisting, the wholesaler EURO-FARM has continued expanding its successful working by opening specialized shops for orthopedic care devices and medical equipment.

The birth of Aqua Massage, the first specialized, exclusive saloon for aqua massaging in this country, where the dream for the perfect massage comes true, means realization of the commitment and persistence to turn the world quality into Macedonian reality.

EURO-FARM stands out as a socially-responsible company due to the care for the environment, the quality of life, the education, cultural and sport achievements and so on, which despite its goals and clients’ and collaborators’ requirements, by recognizing the needs of the community, works on promotion of the positive values in the society.

A recognition for the wholesaler’s successful persistence is its long-lasting ranging on the list of the top 200 largest and most successful companies in the Republic of Macedonia, based on its profitability, increased liquidity, market position, internal organization and other economic factors.

Working under the motto “We are here to take care of your health”, the wholesaler EURO-FARM is a dedicated, responsible and reliable company through the continual investment, development and quality products and services, honouring the tradition, it builds new values as a checked and trustworthy partner to its clients and collaborators.

Economic growth

In the last 7 years, the wholesaler EURO-FARM counts a continual economic average growth of 20 percent.


The wholesaler EURO-FARM is an exclusive representative and importer of 20 eminent world pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands.

Part of the “200 Largest and Most Successful”

On the list of the 200 biggest and most successful companies in the Republic of Macedonia, the wholesaler is ranked on 81, i.e. 145 position, respectively.

Community friend

Continuing the long-lasting tradition of investing in the society, the wholesaler is a sponsor, auspice and partner of numerous sport, cultural and scientific events and manifestations.