COLLAGEN SM, synergy in service of health and nature

The power of nature joint in service of health and beauty comes to be a high quality and efficient product with unique formula which, thanks to the wholesaler EURO-FARM, is recently present on the Macedonian market.

The healthy lifestyle, balanced food and regular physical activity is what keeps the natural balance in the organism, soothing and slowing the process of its ageing. So, as time passes by, undoubtedly, the level of collagen starts falling, the main protein component in the skin, bones and connective tissue, which is crucial for the many functions it has about the overall wellbeing of the human body. The ability of the organism for a constant collagen synthesis, which is necessary for revitalizing and regenerating of the damaged, hurt and wasted tissues, enables recovery and preserving of impeccable hair, fresh skin, strong nails and healthy joints.

Therefore, Collagen SM with its effective composition of the two types of fish’s skin (tilapia and pangasius) is singled out as a product that helps for normal functioning of the skin, teeth, palates, bones and blood vessels, contributing to decreasing of the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion, normalizing the nerve system functioning, regulation of the hormonal activity and else, returning the vitality and life energy.

Collagen SM is the best supplement in food for nice, healthy and well-kept body.

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