25 years of production and distribution of quality medicine, food supplements, herbal products, cosmetics and teas contribute for BIOEXTRA to stand out as a company with strong dedication and patience for successful functioning on the European, as well as the world pharmaceutical market. Constantly upgrading its production in accordance with GMP, ISO, NAT, HACCP standards, the company provides safe, checked and quality products for prevention and health protection as additional therapy for numerous patients around the globe. BIOEXTRA products are a synonym of quality with acceptable prices.

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Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is included in numerous biochemical processes in the human body. As a co-factor of 8 different enzymes, it is responsible for adequate growth and development of the whole organism. Hence, the increased needs of vitamin C are needed during growth, in situations with lowered immunity, malnutrition as well as during increased psychical and psychological stress. The aqueous solution of the vitamin C enhances quickest and total usage of the active substance during oral or surface use. During oral usage the number of drops is adjusted according children’s age for the rapid activation of vitamin C. The aqueous solution during external usage is quickly absorbed through the skin. These drops can be added in any liquid without changing its smell, color or taste.