Our quality management and environmental policy is based on the dedication of the staff to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers through the following postulates:

Fulfillment of the clients’ requirements and wishes through trading with the latest pharmaceutical products in accordance with the appropriate laws, regulations and other inquiries connected to the protection of the environment and the functioning of EURO-FARM;


Selection of the suppliers as our partners by grading their capability for achieving our requirements, for production of quality pharmaceutical products and for protection of the environment;


The staff in “EURO-FARM” is the core of the organization, therefore, the Management depicts their vision and goals through its competence, knowledge and experience;


The continuous improvement of the integrated Quality and environmental management system is achieved with the analysis of the production/servicing processes and aspects towards the environment, as well as fulfillment and overcoming of the expectations;


Education and raising the awareness among the employees for preventive acting and constant improvement of the quality and the protection of the environment;


Considering the thoughts and suggestions of everyone interested and taking proper measures for upgrading the integrated Quality and environmental management system;


Prevention of undesired effects in all stages of the process through respecting the well-established production and hygiene practices.


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