People’s lifelong partner.

1981 saw the birth of MICROLIFE, people’s lifelong partner and global market leader in the production and development of medical diagnostic equipment, both for home and professional use.

The success story of the world’s leading manufacturer of thermometers begins with the presentation of the first advanced generation of digital thermometers, which set new standards for monitoring and controlling body temperature.

Innovative, modern and high-quality MICROLIFE products provide fast, reliable and impeccably accurate results from measuring blood pressure, plus, arrhythmia, body temperature, etc.

Numerous international awards and recognitions and satisfied customers around the world testify to the reputation and quality of MICROLIFE.

Authorized service of MICROLIFE for Macedonia – Eurofarm. Ul. Anton Popov, no. 5, 1000 Skopje. Phone: +389 70 307 960

Selection of products

Compressor nebulizer NEB 210

Compressor nebulizer NEB 210 is an aerosol therapy system suitable for home use. The device is designed for the production of compressed air – medical aerosol in the treatment of respiratory disorders. The device is intended for use with children older than 2 years, adolescents and adult patients.

GlucoTeq Blood glucose meter BGM 200

The Microlife GlucoTeq meter uses the latest technology to provide you with easy and convenient testing. The meter requires only 0.5 uL of blood sample to complete testing in just 5 seconds.

GlucoTeq Microlife Test strips IB BGM 200 GlucoTeq EN 2020

Microlife GlucoTeq blood glucose test strips are used with the Microlife GlucoTeq blood glucose meter. They are intended for self-testing by people with diabetes at home and by healthcare professionals in clinical settings to monitor blood glucose concentrations.

Microlife BP B3 AFIB pressure measuring device

This oscillometric blood pressure monitor is intended for non-invasive blood pressure measurement in persons 12 years of age or older.
It has been clinically validated in patients with hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, pregnancy, preeclampsia, atherosclerosis, end-stage renal disease, obesity and the elderly.

Microlife Bluetooth Patch PT Thermometer

MICROLIFE BLUETOOTH PATCH THERMOMETER PT 200 is a high-quality product that incorporates the latest technology and provides fast, stable and reliable measurement

The measurement is taken every 5 seconds and transmitted to an application on your mobile phone, using the Bluetooth® 4.0 function. It has a high temperature alarm:

Continuous beeps (until the user
accepted the warning) on ​​the “Microlife Thermo 24” Application, they warn
that the body temperature is equal to or higher than 37.5 ° C. The default
alarm setting is 37.5 ° C.

The user can also set individual high and low alarm points

The device performs a self-check every time you turn it on and guarantees the specific
accuracy of each measurement.

Microlife MT 1751 pacifier-thermometer

Through the MT 1751 DIGITAL PACIFIER THERMOMETER, Microlife presented one of the best digital pediatric thermometers, which in a fun, gentle and easy way enables accurate and reliable monitoring of body temperature changes in babies and children.

Thanks to the practical, adjustable and waterproof design, the MT 1751 digital teat thermometer offers reliable results in the range of 32.0° to 43.9°С, with an average body temperature determination time of 5 minutes and a built-in memory.

MICROLIFE MT 1751 DIGITAL PACIFIER THERMOMETER is the realization of the needs, demands and expectations of millions of parents around the world.

Microlife NC 100 non-contact thermometer

MICROLIFE NC 100 NON CONTACT THERMOMETER is a revolutionary digital thermometer from the new generation of Microlife infrared thermometers, which uses modern infrared technology for non-contact, easy and fast temperature measurement.

As a result of the sophisticated design, multipurpose use and wide application MICROLIFE NC 100 in just 3 seconds, without touch, simply and accurately determines both the body temperature in the range from 34.0° to 42.2°С, as well as the ambient temperature in the range from 0° to 100°C.

The thermometer has a built-in memory for recording 30 consecutive results.

Microlife BP W90 device for measuring blood pressure

Following the strictest world quality standards, Microlife has developed a new generation of wrist blood pressure measuring devices, including the MICROLIFE BP W90.

Fast, reliable and impeccably accurate heart rate and blood pressure measurements, complemented by heart arrhythmia warnings, are the result of the sophisticated design, numerous advanced functions and easy handling of the MICROLIFE BP W90 BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR.

MICROLIFE BP W90 has a built-in memory and the ability to record the results of 100 consecutive measurements of 2 separate users.

Microlife FH 80 electric pillow

The MICROLIFE FH 80 electric pillow is a safe, proven and useful product intended for efficient and effective thermotherapy.

Featuring a compact and adjustable design, simple use, high degree of safety, easy heating, 4 levels of heat, even distribution of the same and automatic shutdown, MICROLIFE FH 80 HEATING PAD allows effective results with the highest comfort.

Microlife BP AG1-30 blood pressure measuring set

The economical blood pressure measuring set from Microlife’s manometer program, MICROLIFE BP AG1-30, stands out for its practical design, simple use and high accuracy, earning it the recommendation of doctors.

The kit contains: a high-quality sphygmomanometer, a stethoscope, standard cuffs, a pump, a regulation valve and a soft practical pouch.

Microlife BP A1 80 device for measuring blood pressure

MICROLIFE BP A1 is the smallest, simplest and most efficient automatic blood pressure measuring device from the Microlife program, which enables easy, accurate, reliable and timely monitoring of all blood pressure changes.

With a modern and adjustable design, complemented by PAD technology, which detects and signals any irregularities in heartbeats, MICROLIFE BP A1 enables simultaneous precise measurements of heart rate and blood pressure.

Microlife ST 77 Sprague-rapparort stethoscope

MICROLIFE ST 77 SPRAGUE-RAPPARORT STETHOSCOPE represents a professional, high-quality, multifunctional stethoscope with multipurpose use.

Bringing together 5 different purposes, high acoustics for clearly distinguishing low and high frequencies, 3 adjustable heads for babies, children and adults, 3 different ear accessories, the MICROLIFE ST 77 stethoscope provides reliable and accurate results.

Microlife BP AG1-20 blood pressure measuring set

MICROLIFE BP AG1-20 ANEROID BLOOD PRESSURE KIT is a practical basic kit intended for accurate and easy blood pressure measurement.

The kit contains: a high-quality sphygmomanometer, a stethoscope, standard cuffs, a pump, a regulation valve and a soft practical pouch.

Microlife NEB 500 vital

Microlife NEB 500 Vital is a professional nebulizer for inhalation therapy of asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Operation and use of the device is very simple. All common liquid medications can be used for inhalation therapy.

Microlife BP AG1-40 blood pressure kit

Combining the good performance of other blood pressure manometer sets, the MICROLIFE BP AG1-40 has been upgraded and refined to a higher level.

With an ergonomic design, a wide range of cuffs, optimal pumping and pumping and high precision in the measurement MICROLIFE BP AG1-40 ANEROID BLOOD PRESSURE KIT is recommended for professional use.

The set contains: a high-quality sphygmomanometer, a stethoscope, professional cuffs, a pump, a regulation valve and a soft practical bag.

Microlife IR-150

Microlife IR-150 is an innovative infrared technology that allows measuring the temperature in the ear in 1 second. It has a measurement range from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius, which means that the instrument can be used to measure body temperature, but also the surface temperature of certain objects.

Microlife WS-80

Microlife WS-80 is a new electric scale that allows you to estimate your body weight. It has a capacity of 150 kilograms expressed precisely in grams

Microlife MT 800

Microlife MT 800 is a digital thermometer that enables fast, easy and comfortable measurement

• The measurement lasts 10 seconds

• Flexible measurement point

• High temperature alarm

• 100% waterproof

Microlife BP W1 Basic

Microlife W1 Basic is an automatic palm blood pressure monitor. It contains LED positioning indicators, which help the person find the correct palm position for accurate blood pressure measurement.

Microlife MT 550

Microlife MT 550 is a digital thermometer for measuring body temperature. It contains multiple measurement options, i.e. oral, axillary and rectal.

Microlife BP N2 Easy

Your new Microlife blood pressure monitor is a reliable instrument for upper arm measurements. Simple to use, accurate and highly recommended for monitoring your blood pressure in your home

Microlife BP W2 Slim

Your new Microlife blood pressure monitor is a reliable medical instrument for measuring blood pressure at the wrist. Simple to use, accurate and especially recommended for monitoring blood pressure in your home.

Microlife MT 3001

Microlife MT 3001 is a digital thermometer for measuring body temperature. It measures in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit and has multiple measurement options, i.e. oral, axillary or rectal.

Microlife IB BP A2

Microlife IB-BP A2 Basic enables comfortable and precise measurement of blood pressure on the upper arm in your home. The monitor of this instrument distinguishes 30 different measurement values and is equipped with PAD technology, which enables early detection of cardiac arrhythmias.

Microlife Oxymeter Oxy 200

This Microlife pulse oximeter is a portable non-invasive device designed to check oxygen, arterial hemoglobin saturation (Sp02) and pulse rate in adults and pediatrics.

Microlife MT 410

This digital antimicrobial medical thermometer provides an accurate reading of the human body temperature range. At the same time, it reduces the microbial flora and minimizes the dispersion of infectious microorganisms, ensuring great safety for the user.

Measurement methods/ Normal body temperature:

In the mouth (oral)/ 35.5 – 37.5 °C
Place the thermometer in one of the two pockets under the tongue, on the left or right side of the root of the tongue. The measuring sensor must have good contact with the tissue. Close your mouth and breathe evenly through your nose to prevent inhaled / exhaled air from affecting the measurement.
Approximate measurement time: 10 seconds!

In the anus (rectally) / 36.6 – 38.0 °C
This is the most reliable measurement method, and is especially suitable for newborns and young children. Carefully place the measuring sensor ” of the thermometer 2 to 3 cm into the anal opening.
Approximate measurement time: 10 seconds!

In the armpit (axillary) / 34.7 – 37.3 °C
To obtain more reliable results, we recommend that you measure the temperature orally or rectally.