We are a modern, innovative, socially-responsible company which upgrades itself on a day-to-day basis as a reliable and trusted partner in the wholesale of pharmaceutical products in the Republic of Macedonia and the region. Our beginnings were neither easy nor simple, but we are proud of every step and milestone. Check out our story! 

9 December 2000
Establishing of Eurofarm
Tatjana Sterjeva

Lead by the aspiration to leave footprint on the Macedonian pharmaceutical market we are dedicated on conducting innovative, cost-effective and sustainable practices while strengthening our position and business performance.

Representatives of Microlife and Dr Wolz

Microlife - the global leader on the market for production and development of medical diagnostic equipment for home and professional usage and Dr Wolz, a superb German specialist in the production of products for improving the immune system, became part of Eurofarm family.

First ISO certification

The wholesaler EURO-FARM certifies the quality and consistency of its products, services, professional staff and working processes. Thanks to the conducted ISO certification, the wholesaler realizes its competitive preference on the Macedonian pharmaceutical market through systematic management of the processes

Representative of Fysioline Ice Power

Fysioline Fysioline is a world-renowned producer of pharmaceutical, orthopedic and fitness products that represents the revolutionary ICE POWER product series.

Representative of Isomar

Coswell through its production line Isomar enables efficient protection of colds, infections, inflammations, respirational allergies, sinusitis, rhinitis, irritations, eyes scratching and itching, which appear as a result of the harmful influence of numerous allergens, pathogens, viruses, bacteria, dust, smog, pollen etc.

The Birth of Aqua Massage
Aqua Massage, the first specialized, exclusive saloon for aqua massaging in this country, where the dream for the perfect massage comes true, means realization of the commitment and persistence to turn the world quality into Macedonian reality.

Representative of Jamieson

 In Canada, Jamieson is declared as a most trusted brand for vitamins and minerals, hence its presence in Macedonia for us it was a must.

Eurofarm opens representative office in Albania.

Eurofarm started its expansion on new markets. In 2019 was opened the first representative office outside our borders in Tirana, Albania.

Title sponsor of HC Eurofarm Pelister

As e loyal friend of the handball and the sportsmanship in general, the wholesaler becames title sponsor of the Hanball Club Eurofarm Pelister from Bitola.

Three new dealerships were implemented in the operation of the wholesaler
Realized dealership for the Swedish brand of baby equipment Twistshake, then with the Italian pharmaceutical company Damor as one of the most fully certified drug factories in Italy, and HerbElixa from the Republic of Serbia, a private company that produces dietary supplements based on medicinal plants.
Dealership of ADL Pharmaceutical
ADL Pharmaceutical was founded in 2012, in Milan, Republic of Italy. The company's main product line is nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, supplements), medical products and cosmetic preparations.

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