Sopharma Pharmaceutical

SOPHARMA, one of the biggest, most successful and most eminent pharmaceutical companies in Bulgaria, possessing rich and wide production programme with over 170 products, is acclaimed as an important factor in the pharmaceutical industry. Oriented towards upgrading of the good production practices, SOPHARMA creates efficient, quality-checked, secure and accessible palettes of OTC medicine, food supplements, medical cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products. 88 years of experience and tradition, 300 know-how technologies and patents, numerous awards and recognitions, thousands of contented clients and patients are the proof of SOPHARMA’s inevitable success.

Избор на продукти


Tribestan is efficient natural and herbal preparation in cases with problems related with the functionality of the genital system, reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, disturbed hormonal balance, increased cholesterol etc. for increased sex drive and higher levels of testosterone that improves libido in men and women. Many researches stand out Tribestan as one of the best products on the market thanks to its natural ingredients, the advanced formula and the tradition in production.


Carsil is a medicine that contains the active substance silymarin, isolated from the fruit of the plant thistle. Silymarin activates the protein and phospholipid synthesis in the injured liver cells, stabilizes the cell membranes, binds free radicals (antioxidant effect). Its main action is protecting liver cells from the damaging effects of various factors such as alcohol, drugs, viral infections, industrial pollutants. Disablement liver cells contributes to their faster recovery.

Used for the symptomatic treatment of chronic toxic liver damage; for maintenance treatment in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of the liver and liver cirrhosis.